H N Telecom is a Internet service provider, Internet telephony service provider (IPTSP)with a software development and Web development and Telecom/VoIP Customize software provider as well as Online Dedicated Server Hosting.

H N Telecom started its operation in 2007 with small activities. Now We have good clients for wifi and optical fiber cable network , We are giving on them Broadband internet Solutions, IPTSP, network structure and Networking related others jobs, and their own Web Base work like home pages , online database and dynamic web Solutions.

Our Main focus on WiFi Network solutions which is embeded with IPTSP service. we are using PC Base software , desktop hardwire for IPTSP like linksys, cisco IP Phone and wifi devices for IPTSP. and for ISP we are using all cisco equipment for stable network and 0% down times. we have specilist for Cisco and linux operating system.

For IPTSP solutions we are using Cisco Media Gateway and Signaling Gateway...here we are using linux base stable billing system and our devices have mobility for wifi equipment using our internet.

Very recent we are going to make some web portal for our foreign worker so that they can get all information’s about Bangladesh, Like Embassy news, Our Man Power News, News Papers news. Online Games and others so that they can enjoy Bangladesh.



H N Telecom is a name of quality and trusted for Internet Service, IPTSP, e-commerce Service, IT Infrastructure Development and Industry Standard Software. Since its beginning H N Telecom infrastructure "Total Excellence” as its principle for guiding light, around which revolves its entire spectrum of activities. With the own style, H N Telecom is the forerunner in the value centric service Market place and an architect of high value end-to-end ICT solutions and software for both National and International market.

H N Telecom Continue its promise of delivering new and diversified technological service to its client and once again introducing a high value communication service IP Telephony Service.

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